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Dual Action Cleanse

 Intestinal parasites pictures - Dual Action Cleanse 

 Natural Dual Action Cleanse Intestinal parasites pictures - 


  • Remove Toxic Buildup *
  • Feel Cleaner & Healthier *
  • Less Bloating *
  • Radiant Skin and Hair *


Customer Success Stories

"Dual-Action Cleanse has changed my life. I feel healthier and happier, wonderful. I would absolutely recommend Dual-Action Cleanse to anybody."

"After a few days I began to have that flat tummy feeling. I felt empty.
I felt light. My energy levels went through the roof!"

"I was a little bit skeptical about Dual-Action Cleanse at first. I have done other cleanses but they are complicated. I love Dual-Action Cleanse. It was easy and I got positive results from it."

"I feel healthier and happier, wonderful. I would absolutely recommend Dual-Action Cleanse to anybody."

Results may vary.

The Natural Colon Cleanse

Dual-Action Cleanse is the ultimate colon cleanse formula available on the market today. The idea behind a colon cleanse process is to eliminate the toxins which have built up in your digestive system. The detoxification processes of a colon cleanser treatment are so important to maintaining a healthy balance in your body that many doctors consider it to be a key to personal wellness.*

Dual-Action Cleanse's formula is specifically designed to help the body rid itself of accumulated waste such as mucous and undigested matter that can become built up in the colon.* Eliminating this waste prevents toxins from being absorbed by your body and gives you a sense of increased energy.* Some of the other potential benefits of a colon cleansing may include a decrease in gas or bloating, more radiant skin and hair, and an overall trimmer appearance.*

The natural herbal formula of Dual-Action Cleanse has changed hundreds of thousands of people's lives by cleansing the digestive tract of harmful toxins.* Your body will function at its very best so you can look forward to feelings of increased energy and vitality.*

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  1. October 11, 2013. 5 Most Horrific Parasitic Worms [With Gruesome Pictures] ( horrific-parasitic-worms/10497) 5 Most Horrific Parasitic Worms [With Gruesome Pictures] circulation, to the lungs, crawl out the trachea, and are ingested in order to enter the intestines.
  2. September 20, 2013. Fecal Float Parasite Pictures Gallery. - Pet-Informed ( m/fecal-float.html) Fecal float parasite pictures This is a post mortem image of a cat with Fecal flotation parasite pictures This is an adult Toxocara roundworm from the intestine 
  3. September 23, 2013. Worms in Cats: An Infection of Intestinal Parasites - Pet Health Center ( estinal-parasites) WebMD discusses worms, or intestinal parasites, in cats and includes common worms, symptoms, treatment, and prevention options.
  4. October 5, 2013. Intestinal Worms in Dogs (and Cats) 101 | petMD ( stinal_worms_in_dogs) Keep in mind that it is the goal of each parasite to stay in the safety of the intestinal tract; if they come out, they'll die! They don't want to be detected!
  5. October 12, 2013. Parasites > Gross Parasite Pictures and Videos - Electroherbalism ( HealthTopics/Parasites/Parasite_Pictures_and_videos .htm) Pictures and Videos of Parasites Once swallowed, they reach the intestines and develop into adult worms. The vector for this parasite is the blackfly.
  6. September 22, 2013. Intestinal Parasite Symptoms And Tips - Healthy Eating Starts Here ( tinal-parasite-symptoms) Intestinal parasite symptoms are sometimes tricky to pick up on. On their own, they're But if you put all of them together, the overall picture is pretty distinctive.
  7. September 24, 2013. Leo Galland, M.D.: Intestinal Parasites May Be Causing Your Energy ( inal-parasites_b_804516.html) 9 Jan 2011 Intestinal parasites are a common and often unsuspected cause of mystery illness.
  8. October 14, 2013. The Parasite Picture Gallery - Life cycles of several very common ( Parasite Picture Gallery. Experts claim that 'some type of worm is already in the intestines of over 75 percent Intestinal bowel & stomach parasitic infestation.

  9. Comments about this video:
    What vegan bullshit. Eat what you want, don't push your shit on me. I think you are an idiot and a pussy for not eating what you have been biologically adapted to eat, but I am not going to push that on you. Go away.
    Learn how to handle and cook your food and you wont get sick by it, also wash your hands and you wont get worms. Example threadworm is not uncommon, especially among children. It may be caused by poor hygiene. People need to stop this vegan propaganda I see in the comments, man has eaten meat since the beginning of our species. What is important to be reminded of is that a healthy diet usually consist of everything, from vegetable to meat.
    You do realize if you stop eating all meat and you have worms they will just eat you instead? But to be fair a lot of people consume a lot more meat then their body needs to be in peak condition. Everything in moderation.
    Jesus was a vegetarian that's why he was pure and had an amazing glow and eternal compassion. The Bible even says to eat plant foods on the first page.
    Just go Vegan - who wants anything in their gut that shouldnt be there, including meat and worms LOL. Imagine how many people have worms and dont even know it..hahaha.
    "Ascariasis and trichuriasis are a particular problem in areas of poor sanitation where human feces are deposited on the soil. Children up to age 10 have the highest frequency of infection. Consumers of uncooked vegetables and fruits that are fertilized with untreated sewage are at risk. Persons in close association with pigs or who consume raw crops fertilized with pig manure may also be at risk." pg 166, Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms & Natural Toxins Handbook 2nd add 2012, it!
    Cos he doesn't want to live in a world filled with filthy corpse eaters filled with worms. Plus meat/corpse production in extremely toxic to the environment too, so it's a lose lose all the way, especially for the animals who suffer torture in the factory farms. People who consume meat are indirect animal abusers making them into creepy weirdos like Hannibal Lecter who enjoys inflicting pain on living beings. That's reason enough to end meat consumption if you are at all a decent human being.
    This man is an example of what happens when you combine Bad Education and YouTube.. This worm is not a "Meat Worm" it is Ascaris Lumbracoides and to see its life cycle please see the video below. And dont listen to this man. If you have this infection get the right treatment. /watch?v=421WAV98aq0.
    This guy is a moron..and if u leave here believing this garbage with out researching. worse than him...I'm don't hate on vegans but this guy is just just plain wrong on this subject matter.actually vegetarians and vegans(I'm a vegetarian myself) can still get infected by tapeworms, if your food touches an infected meat, or if you accidentally swallow an infected flea.
    Folks who posted comments on this video are some pretty dim witted dumb ass half conscious,or not conscious "regular" muthafkrs, fir real! Vegan propaganda? Who said that? Asinine non thinking useless eater,, who taught you all what to chew and swallow huh? Here's a clue , pull the worms from your ignorant asses, and eat your fruit and vegetables.
    How to avoid parasites: Boil water before drinking, cook all your food before eating. Don't eat anything raw. It's that simple.Does anyone see the irony of a man who looks like a meth addict advocating a "healthy lifestyle?". Actually worms will eat anything in the intestinal tract, that's often the reason why worm victims often complain about being constantly hungry...Youre all nitpicking at the off details. But the main thing is that the worms THRIVE in an environment filled with meat. SO... regardless of HOW it was contracted, how long it stays and how bad it gets is determined by your diet. Im sure the vegan will flush out the parasites while the meat eater continues to feed it?Fucking just delete words as my character count goes up... The human body is NOT designed to be herbivourous... Fuck you phone...Mate get your facts right, because you know have another comment informing you that these particular worms are contracted through fecal matter entering your system... And now also informing you that the human body is designed to be herbivourous... If you eat a healthy balanced diet of lean proteins, low GI carbs and vegetables you will function just fine, stop trying to use (factually incorrect) scare tactics to swing us, you're a vegan, not a politician...Ok... so its CONTRACTED that way... so a vegan can get the worms too. Cool. BUT, the worms need the meat that sits in your body because it takes a long time to digest. So the vegan will flush out the parasites before the meat eater, will he not?
    We need to keep feces out of gardening & switch back to Epsom salt. Maybe vitamins & other minerals could be thrown down too, but not feces fertilizer.
    The guy was full of worms and complained of... intestinal bloating...? This must be a rare case, why he got a cirurgy instead of ingesting medicaments?He could... since there are way more things that have protein in it than meat... and higher quality sources too.i suspected vegan propaganda, im just glad the comments aren't censored like most vegan propaganda vids. Misuse of information for propaganda purposes. That's a ascaris lumbricoides ie roundworm. Remember to always wash your hands before eating or touching your mouth, wash your meat and veggie ingredients, and cook your meals correctly to well done.
    lol i love it, every1 is kicking a fuss about this vid... who gives a shit if u get worms? easily treated etc lol and if they do a good thing while there alive then hell yea. i love my meat, never give it up... i dont see why people wouldn't... lets be honest, most animals would be extict by now if we didn't eat/sport them... for example deer, they would be gone.. most are bred now for hunting, cows... dont need leather anymore so byebye... so why not eat it if there gna kill it anyway?
    How would animals be extinct if we didnt eat/hunt them? We are going to be extinct from the factory farming industry polluting the environment, dumping in the water, poor handling of meat and meat contamination. Its not like the meat and dairy comes from small, local, organic farms anymore. At one point in time thats all we ate! and we were good. Now the farming is dirty and gross to meet the high demand for meat and people are more sick developing allergies and chronic disorders. Im a vegetarian. I dont expect everyone to be. BUT would be cool if everyone ate half as much meat. That would help a lot of causes. Plus we eat double the meat a year than people did about 50 years ago. We need to at least go back to normal portion consumption.
    1) there is a hell of a lot more people on this planet than there was then. 2) people are fat. its their choice, if they want to eat it why shouldn't they be able to? 3) why is a bad thing that people r eating more meat? it creates jobs, it helps the economy etc. yes it might not be the best jobs in the world but if you really are in hard times any job will do...
    1) Theres more people, so you should eat less meat, not more to conserve resources and energy. 2) Being fat went from being a personal choice, to a national epidemic of poor health which affects the FUTURE generations. YOU decide to be fat, but your children do not. By eating shitty you pass on shittiness to your offspring. Children are born with diabetes and chronic illness from peoples "PERSONAL" choices, WTF is that? (continued). (continued) 3) See #1. More population eating more than normal meat portions = greenhouse gas emissions, more pollution from the factory, illegal dumping, poorer quality meat as they are fed things they shouldnt eat, injected with things they shouldnt be injected with and soon will be genetically modified. These things cause health problems. Higher demand = poorer farm conditions. Less factory farms midwest and more local farms everywhere create LOCAL jobs. Plus better meat.ok like i said, england is very good, myb other countries should follow our lead? yes we have high demand but they are not fed things there not spose 2 b or filled up with shit to make them get big, anythin can cause health problems so you cant just blame this on bad health problems... for example smoking, drinking... people still do it ragardless... and yes local farms... around where i live are local farms n thats what we eat... for everywhere else... more demand more people will start doinit. You are dumb. Human intervention is causing animals to go extinct. I hope you really dont believe that the small numbers of deer and other animals that are bred specifically by humans even comes close to the amount killed by means of deforestation.
    so? our population is ever expanding so what do you expect? deforestation etc might cause lots of animals to die but we are animals and we have the right to thrive in our environment 2. the strongest survive and the weakest die like it is with all animals. and yes i realise how much of the animals have become extinct because of humans, but before us they become extinct 2 so stfu.
    Idiots meat is not the only way you get worms. Come up the tropics most worm infections are by fruits and vegetables and walking bare feeted. You lose. Stupid vegetarians trying to turn everybody out. New flash plants are people too. If you want to bulk up, you should look up on google Max Muscle Method. You are bound to get the body you deserve.ANYBODY CAN CONTRACT THESE PARASITES - FACT! Those are Round Worms and the patient was from a tropical climate so STOP TRYING TO BULLSHIT PEOPLE! "There are different species of worms that can cause infection. Most often, eggs or larvae live in the soil, (typically in tropical climates), and get into the body when a person gets them on his or her hands and then transfers them to the mouth. Some can also get into the body through the skin". Source: University of Maryland Medical Center BUSTED!!Gotta laugh at ignorant people like the guy in this video that try to use scare tactics to get people to stop eating meat! I bet he's a member of PETA too. LOL.
    key note. human r omnivores, so just strike a balance between the two don't deprive of either. then I recall one vegan mom nearly caused her baby death \_ o_o _/.

    Vegan idiots propaganda! Total brain damaged nonsense! Stop brainwashing people and eating rubbish oil from all the veggies you consume - you are full of bed cholesterol already and other chemicals! I advice you - stop eating all together it will be beneficial for all of us - oxygen thief! Most of parasite's find their way to our intestines through not properly washed vegetables (natural, organic farming and use of natural fertilizers). They got them too! No meat needed. Go back to school!

    Bullshit! Most parasites can happily live just by feeding on you stomach and colon lining. Also making holes in the walls causing internal bleeding. They travel inside your body. Some intestinal parasites are found in the brain! So don't listen to this nonsense because eating veggies will not save you. They are usually are the source of parasites. Biggest risk of infection is from organic and when natural fertilizers are used in the production of veggies! He just thinks it's cool to be different.
    Bullshit! Most parasites can happily live just by feeding on you stomach and colon lining. Also making holes in the walls causing internal bleeding. They travel inside your body. Some intestinal parasites are found in the brain! So don't listen to this nonsense because eating veggies will not save you. They are usually are the source of parasites. Biggest risk of infection is from organic and when natural fertilizers are used in the production of veggies! He just thinks it's cool to be different. Worms can be good for you. The modern age is the first time they have been able to be eliminated from our systems. We have evolved with them feeding off us like any other animals.Scientists have recognised that their presence can dampen a sensitised immune response in people with inflammatory bowel disease. We have immune cells to deal with very large pathogens like parasites. It makes sense that they should be put to use.
    My husband an M.D. identified it as 'Ascaris Lumbracoides'.You contract this from ingesting contaminated foods especially VEGETABLES handled by workers with contaminated hands which comes from feces, either animals or humans. NOT contracted by eating meat. They grow and eat on ANYTHING ingested into the G.I. tract, not by just meat.Infection occurs when food is handled/stored and eggs get onto raw vegetables/fruit even cooked food under 120.FYI, just soap and water will not remove this egg.

    Like as if veggies handled by people is the problem over ingesting rotted stinking pieces of corpse.. First of all 99% of MDs do NOT know anything about diet, food and nutrition as it is not taught to them in med school. Plus they ignore holistic health as ultimately they work for the drug companies who prefer people to be ill for profit. You corpse eaters just tell yourselves that consuming animal products to justify your sick unhygienic habit which is bad for the environment too.
    Regardless of your meat eating comments, Cindy is correct about this parasite. Raw vegetables fertilized with manure is the way to go if you want to acquire it. Meat eating is irrelevant. Ignorance is excusable to a point but all of this is very basic knowledge verifiable by minimal research. The fact that durianriders has chosen not to retract or amend the message on this video upon learning the facts shows him to be a lying slimeball. Truly, he defames a great fruit with his nom de plume.
    Seems like there would be more than what looks like freshly cleaned worms in his gut? Like other bodily fluids, undigested materials, blood maybe? I've seen a few of these videos and the worms are always the same and always look freshly washed. AND the videos are never full length, just a close up of worms being pulled out. I think more research needs to be done before people should be totally convinced. I'm a vegan by the way, so I'm not condoning meat, just the legitimacy of the video.

    Love You, Durian!!! Thank You SO MUCH for posting this video!!!! I will share with my online community!!

    birds can carry parasites & worms~ hell they even eat worms how about elephants who only eat plants?
    Qust: 1. how much meat per week, would you have to eat to have that many (or any) worms in body? 2. when you say 'meat', what type of meat are you talking about -is this store bought meat? or meat that is hunted off the land and circumvented regular sanitary standard? i.s cooked straight off the hunt 3. if a person does have worms in their intestine, and then goes vegan, will the worms die? 4. any difference the way the meat is cooked. i.e 'well done" vs 'raw" to worm outcome?i appreciate you posting this video. it is interesting and i am an animal advocate. i strongly believe that any information presented to the public needs to be given with facts and not 'scare you into being vegan' tactics that will eventually wear off. it is all about informed choices. people who choose to be teachers in any area, must do so with facts. it just makes for better teaching.those worms look like Ascaris lumbricoides...u dont usually get tht from meats...u get it by fecal-oral transmission.
    Durianrider, you're so full of it! Parasites can be caught from meat - they can also be caught from lots of other places, such as flukes from raw veggies (passed on by snails). Meat rots in the gut when the consumer of the meat is eating grains and other processed garbage that clogs things up.

  10. Comments about this video:
    The Gospel 1. Acknowledge you are a sinner, "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23). 2. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, that He died for your sins, was buried and rose again (Rom. 4:5; 1Cor. 15:3-4). 3. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) My website about faith alone called Fullfilled By Jesus.
  11. October 1, 2013. The worms within: intestinal parasites - Australian Geographic ( worms-within-close-encounter-with-intestinal-parasi tes.htm) 17 Jul 2012 Lurking in our guts is a wide variety of microscopic parasites and they're more common than you think.
  12. October 8, 2013. Gallery - The enemy within: 10 human parasites - Image 1 - New ( nemy-within-human-parasites) 10 Jul 2009 Symbiotic relationships between a parasite and a host can have The hookworm larvae grow inside the human intestines where they attach to 
  13. October 4, 2013. Intestinal Parasites in Reptiles | petMD ( _rp_worms) Worms are one of the most common intestinal parasites. Among reptiles, the most common infections are roundworms (including ascarids), hookworms and 
  14. September 27, 2013. parasite cleanse for intestinal parasites symptoms in humans ( -cleanse.htm) Human parasites, especially parasites in the intestines and colon are actually various links to find out more about parasites and to see some parasite pictures.
  15. October 7, 2013. Diagnostic Parasitology Images ( Diagnostic Parasitology for Human Parasites.
  16. October 3, 2013. Intestinal parasites | University of Maryland Medical Center ( stinal-parasites) 7 May 2013 The two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Intestinal parasites are usually transmitted when someone comes in 
  17. September 21, 2013. Parasites - EPI-Center ( I took the Natures Sunshine herbs and lost, through the bowel, parasites depicted in photographs #1, #3, and #6. I'm not a doctor, but I used to be a Registered 
  18. October 10, 2013. 10 Shocking Photos of the Most Disgusting Human Parasites ( 0-shocking-photos-of-the-most-disgusting-human-para sites/) 4 Oct 2012 Th 10 most freakish parasites you wish you didn't know about. they attach themselves to your intestinal wall and begin siphoning off blood, 
  19. October 2, 2013. Intestinal Parasites, Human Worms Pictures ( l) Know how to get rid of parasites and worms in human intestine and what are worm symptoms. Also worm types pinworms, threadworm, tapeworm, hookworm , 
  20. September 29, 2013. Human Intestinal Worms - Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment ( mptoms-pictures-treatment.html) Human intestinal worms types, pictures, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention.
  21. October 6, 2013. Colonics Cleanse Intestinal Worms Pictures and info ( ntestinalworms) Colonics Cleanse information and photos of intestinal worms.
  22. September 26, 2013. Parasites In Humans ( Discover facts about parasitic diseases, find cool pictures and videos of worms and can reduce food absorbtion by causing inflammation of the intestinal wall.
  23. September 28, 2013. Worms "N" Us: A look at 8 parasitic worms that live in humans ( 3Dworms-human-parasites) 5 Feb 2009 Despommier kindly lent images of the over to worms rather like the production of some B vitamins by gut bacteria.
  24. September 25, 2013. Foods That Kill Intestinal Parasites | LIVESTRONG.COM ( -intestinal-parasites/) 19 Mar 2011 Foods That Kill Intestinal Parasites Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/ Getty Images. Parasites frequently contaminate food and water 
  25. September 30, 2013. Pictures of intestinal parasites in stool - Doctor wisdom on HealthTap ( inal-parasites-in-stool) Free, rapid responses from trusted Doctors: Dr. Carter helps you identify intestinal parasites in the stool with pictures, explaining that intestinal parasites in the 
  26. October 13, 2013. Parasites Images: ascaris lumbricoides, tapeworm, whipworm ( "A picture speaks a thousand words". Select Gallery: Liver Flush Results Stones Liver Cleanse (200 images); Parasites Worms Intestinal Parasites (250) 
  27. October 9, 2013. Cures & Symptoms of Human Intestinal Parasites Worms - Pictures ( Cures & Symptoms of Human Intestinal Parasites Worms! How to Tell if You Have Parasites, hookworms in humans, tapeworms in humans symptoms and 

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